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Souls Series DMRA and RobertMusc Armor Separated Into Parts (SIP) v1.1_1

 Русский перевод модификации можно найти здесь.

Added Sirris' armor & weapon from the game Dark Souls III, and separate them into parts to customize your character's appearance.

You can take:

  1. Full armor & weapons that Sirris wears in the Dark Souls III game; directly from her corpse at Lonely Grave.
  2. Complete parts inside the Dark Souls III Chest near her corpse at Lonely Grave.
    Go the Boethia's Shrine as shown in the "BoethiaShrineLocationMap" picture, then go south. You'll see 2 chests near a gravestone.

Added Ostrava's armor (Fluted Set) & weapon from the game Demon's Souls, and separate them into parts to customize your character's appearance.
There's Ostrava NPC too at Imperial City Talos Plaza District.

You can take:

  1. Full armor & weapon that Ostrava wears in the Demon's Souls game directly from him; if you kill him, or make him your companion then trade his inventory.
  2. Complete parts inside the Demon's Souls Chest behind him.
    Go the Imperial City Talos Plaza District as shown in the "Location" picture.


To make it the same like Sirris' questline in the Dark Souls III (where after defeating the Twin Princes, her corpse can be found at her grandfather's grave; containing the Sunless Talisman and her armor ),
in Oblivion, I put Sirris's corpse at Lonely Grave. What? Lonely Grave?? Where the heck is this Lonely Grave???

There are specific places of interest in Cyrodiil that are not marked on your map, do not appear on the compass, and aren't directly related to any of Oblivion's quests.

Travel to Boethia's Shrine (located southeast of Cheydinhal in the Valus Mountains).
At the south of Boethia's shrine stands an isolated gravestone with a chest containing minor treasure...and also a Dark Souls III Chest.
*see the "BoethiaShrineLocationMap" picture for the exact location.
**also see the "DarkSoulsIIIChestLocation" and "DarkSoulsIIIChestLocationMap" pictures for the exact location of the chest.


Go to Imperial City Talos Plaza District.
*see the "Location" and "LocationMap" pictures for the exact location of the chest.

What Parts of Armor & Weapon in this mod???

List of Sirris' armor parts:
- Chain Cape
- Chain Skirt
- Gauntlets
- Greaves
- Greaves + Shorts
- Leggings
- Leggings (No Pants)
- Leggings + Stockings
- Pauldrons
- Sabatons
- Talisman
- Tassets
- Veil (has Helmet FOV Feature)

List of Sirris' clothing parts:
- Corset
- Corset + Skirt
- Shirt + Corset
- Shirt + Corset + Skirt

List of Sirris' weapons:
- Estoc
- Estoc 2H

List of Ostrava's armor parts:
- Breastplate
- Gauntlets
- Helmet (Closed) (has Helmet FOV Feature)
Has 3 eye-slit types (optional)
- Helmet (Open) (has Helmet FOV Feature)
- Leggings
- Pauldrons
- Shoes
- Tassets
- Kite Shield
- NPC Helmet (Closed) (the visor will open & closed automatically if you sheath or unsheath your weapon, has Helmet FOV Feature)
- NPC Helmet (Open) (the visor will open & closed automatically if you sheath or unsheath your weapon, has Helmet FOV Feature)
Closed Visor Helmet has higher defense compare to Open Visor Helmet.
Realistically because it protects your face, but it also has limited vision due to Helmet FOV Feature.

List of Ostrava's weapons:
- Long Sword
- Long Sword 2H

Real High Heels Feature

Equipping sabatons for female character will add her height a bit; depends on how high the heels are.

 Helmet FOV Feature

Equipping helmet with Open or Closed visor will mask parts of your screen in first person view to simulate decreased field of view (FOV) due to the visor's eye -slit.
*see the "FOVFlutedHelmet" and "FOVSunlessVeil" pictures for the view from the inside of the helmet/veil.

Custom Race

There's Sirris Race for you to play as Sirris in Oblivion.

There's Ostrava Race for you to play as Ostrava in Oblivion.

Recommended Mods

  1. DMRA Fine Tuned Body Replacer https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34523/
  2. F-INevOblivion skinset for EC and HGEC https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/19021
  3. Vipcxjs Real High Heels System https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/36883
  4. RobertMaleBodyReplacerV52 https://www.nexusmods. com/oblivion/mods/40532?
  5. Helmet FOV https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/8991
  6. Addon for Shield on Back v31 https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/20572 


Place the data folder inside your Oblivion directory, replace any folders and meshes.


Thanks to FromSoftware for the 3D models and textures.


Special Thanks to fejeena for helping me creating the script to open/close NPC Helmets automatically, and to make Helmet FOV works in-game.
Thanks to Bethesda for the game.
Thanks to Tokami Fuko for the conversion.
Thanks to my fellow countryman navetsea for F-Inev Oblivion skinset textures.
Thanks to heavywaters for the lightsaber's script that I modified.
Thanks to XMarksTheSpot for the Helmet FOV mod that I expanded.

Last but not least: Thanks to all of you who like my kind of work. Can't wait to release another mod!



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Please redownload the reuploaded file (v1.1_1). Because the previous one are missing Ostrava sword, shield, and Sirris FOV textures.

Автор, спасибо, мне очень понравились доспехи!!

Me too! You're welcome.

Yup. That's why I share. :)

lovender, А по РУССКИ сказать не можешь?!

I'm not sure what do you mean...
But if you mean: you ask me for a Russian translate version, a member here (abbath13fd) plans to release the Russian version.
So please wait until he release the Russian .esp mod here.
Thank you for your patience.

30.07.2022 — 14:57

xopoma, нет, это иностранный автор и пишет по английский. Русский перевод мода будет чуть позже.

gkalian, я уже выложил русский перевод)

30.07.2022 — 20:52

abbath13fd, и правда.

gkalian, обращайтесь)

Addon Shield on Back is not a must, because it only use file .bck file beside the ShieldName.nif file.
So if you delete ShieldName.bck file, the shield won't be on back.

About the helmet FOV:

  1. I edited it based on LAPF Standard 1st Person Skeleton, that compatible with boobs, butt, even wings mesh.
    So I'm pretty sure it won't be incompatible with some race mods. But I never test it with all race mods...
    It would be wise to backup your previous skeleton file first, before trying my skeleton.
  2. Yes, it can be dumped by doing one of these options below:
    a. delete fov_52_flutedhelmetclosed.kf, fov_53_flutedhelmetopen.kf, fov_54_sunlessveil.kf from ":Data\Meshes\Characters_male\IdleAnims" directory path
    b. delete fov_52_flutedhelmetclosed.dds, fov_53_flutedhelmetopen.dds, fov_54_sunlessveil.dds from "Data\Textures\FOV" directory path
    c. deleting HelmetFOV.esp from Parent Masters by:
    i. opening TES CS
    ii. Single click DarkSouls3.esp
    iii. Single click HelmetFOV.esp on below right box, then press Delete button. It will ask you to delete it, say YES.
    iv. Open DarkSouls3.esp, then save.
    v. Then delete HelmetFOV.esp from ":Data" directory path.
    With all the steps I explained above, I'm sure you can dump the Helmet FOV feature.
    Let me know if the explanations above didn't work...
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