Skywind - 'Archipelago' Trailer (Sheogorad preview)

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A short preview showing the latest alpha-build footage and concepting for the Sheogorad region in Skywind. We wanted to give this region new assets to help it stand out from other areas of Morrowind, and in turn, have changed it's original formations. As always, remember that this is early footage. Be sure to leave comments below! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: (don't hurt me!)
A few scenes showed some real stutter and I apologize. This could be due to my system specs, recording system, the unoptimized region, meshes, weather, etc. The list goes on but it is what it is. Any issues with FPS drops will be dealt with in the final release, so rest easy! Please do not comment on the matter. Thanks!

Product version 0.9.5 (Developer alpha)

Music: 'Northern Achipelago' by Tim Grabowski



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